12 More Tips to Make your Juice Fast Successful

The juice fast has officially begun!  I chatted with you all earlier this week about 12 tips to make your juice fast successful, but I realized shortly after posting that I had more.  Here are twelve more tips that will help you achieve success in your fast:

  • Drink as much as you want.  Seriously. This is a great time to get back in touch with your body and learn your hunger cues.  When you feel hungry, drink.  Everyone is different.  We all have different activity levels and bodies, so there is no one-size-fits all plan that will tell you how much juice to drink.  Listen to your body, and drink when you feel hungry.
  • There are a few staple ingredients I would suggest having in your house at all times:

gingerApples (I like green ones best)





  • Speaking of ingredients, you should plan out your grocery trips for about every 3 days.  The last thing you want is for your produce to go bad, or to run out of ingredients and be tempted to grab the nearest snack.
  • Get used to spending a bit more time preparing your food.  We’ve gotten so used to convenience that many of us think that preparing a meal should just involve the 2-3 minutes that it takes in the microwave.  If that is you, just be aware that juicing will take longer.  You will need to prep before and clean up after.  None of this takes very long.  On average, I can prep/juice/clean-up in 30 minutes or less all the juice I need for the day.
  • ..and that leads me to my next tip.  You can juice a lot more of the fruit/vegetable than you’d probably eat.  When I juice lemons, I put them in with peel and all.  I cut my apple into wedges complete with the core and seeds and juice it just like that.  I don’t trim any part of my veggies.  It all goes in.  So much of the good stuff comes from the skin so why not include it.  Trust me, you won’t taste a difference.  My only exception to that is oranges.  The skin is just too bitter for me.
  • Don’t have all the ingredients to make your favorite juice?  Well, you can always experiment, but I love using Supercook.com!  Type in juice as the type of recipe you are looking for, then add all the ingredients you have on hand, and they’ll scour the web for recipes.  It also shows recipes that might need 1-2 more ingredients.  I posted a screenshot below.  It’s a really handy tool.


  • Clean your colon.  Not a fun subject, but it really needs to be talked about.  You will have so many toxins being released.  The last thing you want is for them to go back into your system and cause unnecessary health issues.  My preferred method is coffee enemas.  You can find out more about those HERE and HERE.  You’ll need a good organic coffee, a good enema bucket, and some kind of mat to lie on.  I personally use a Summer Crib sheet with snaps just because we had it around the house and were no longer using it.  It’s large and really does a great job of keeping stains off the floor.
  • On the same subject, switch to baths a few times during the cleanse.  Baths are great for getting rid of toxins, so skip the shower and opt for a bath a few times during the fast – especially near the beginning.  As an added toxin-release, you can treat yourself to a massage.  I think I am going to make this a reward for myself at about day 20.  It’s a win-win.  I get to relax, plus massages are known for moving toxins out of your muscles and tissues.
  • To save money, try warehouse stores or Aldi.  Both sell organic for less.  I buy the Kale medley at Sam’s for less than $4.  You can also get 3 huge Romaine heads for less than $3.  Aldi always has produce at very reasonable prices.  Beyond that, you should buy in-season.  We purposely chose to do our fast in summer because we’d be able to get fresh produce for less than we would in other seasons and a bigger variety.  To get the most bang for your buck, base your juice menu on what is in the sales ad.


  • Avoid temptation.  We talked about planning ahead in the last article.  Well, avoiding those buttery popcorn and fresh-baked cookies smells are just as important to your success.  Of course, you won’t be able to avoid all of them, which is where planning comes into play.  As for me, we are planning to avoid restaurants for the next forty days.  A nice nature walk makes for a great date, or we might even take on geocaching.  I will make meals for my family like usual, but I am thinking I will be doing a lot of crockpot cooking.  I tend to snack when I am at the stove, so that’ll help avoid that. Think ahead to your triggers and plan ways to conquer them BEFORE you get faced with them.
  • What do I do with all the pulp?You have a couple options beyond the obvious waste solution.  Pulp makes great compost.  We have used our compost as a wonderful fertilizer for our garden.  You can also make crackers from it.  Spread it in a thin layer and bake it.  I’ve heard pets love it, so you could give that a go.  You can also use the pulp in smoothies for a nice fiber-rich smoothie.
  • Ending the fast correctly  is just as important.  You can’t just go from a juice diet to eating solid foods, especially junk food.  You need to transition slowly.  My goal is to switch to a plant-based diet.  Basically, I’ll just be eating the same things I was juicing- just a lot less.  I also plan on juicing for breakfast as well. In the past,I weaned off juicing by drinking juice all day long and then eating dinner with the family.  I did that for weeks after I finished my longest juice fast, and it felt great.  I’ll do the same after the 40 days this time.

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