12 Tips to Make your Juice Fast Successful

Our juicing challenge is about to start.  We have two days left to go before J-time!  I hope you all are excited and ready as I am.  Like I’ve told you in the past, I’ve done a couple of juice fasts in the past but never gone past 15 days.  Based on my past experiences, I can share a couple of tips that will make your fast successful.

  • Buy The Juicing Bible.  It is the best book you can buy to help with juicing.  It comes with over 350 recipes, a great index so you can search by ingredient, and an awesome guide that shows you the benefits of each ingredient.  Beyond that, you can look up juicing recipes that will help with specific ailments.  It was a must have for me.


  • Be prepared mentally.  Typically, the first three days are the worst.  Your body is detoxing, and you are going to feel so much worse before you feel better.  Just know that it’ll start getting so much better around day 4.  In my experience, I started feeling clear-headed and had great energy around day 7.  This isn’t the same kind of energy spike you get from an afternoon macchiato.  It’s more of a sustainable energy that has no crash.  By day 10, I got to the point of craving certain juices.
  • Drink water!  The best way to get rid of those toxins is flushing your system.  Some research has shown that 9-13 cups per day is a decent amount, while others say that you should drink your half to all of your body weight in ounces.  If you weigh 200 pounds, a healthy amount is 100-200 oz per day.
  • Supply yourself with the right equipment.  My Omega juicer only has about a 2″ spout so there is a lot of cutting prep work involved to make it fit.  I picked up a set of Cuisinart ceramic knives that have really helped in that prep work.  These are not a must-buy, but it’s definitely nice to have some nice cutting tools so if you don’t have any now, I’d definitely grab at least one good knife. *Tip- this particular set goes on sale at JCPenney frequently for $29.99.  Wait for one of their $10 off $25 coupons and you can get it for $19.99. They’re $20.99 at the time of this posting on Amazon, but if they go higher than that, check JCP!


  • Plan ahead!  We all live busy lives, and we probably won’t be carrying a juicer and produce around in our car on an everyday basis.  Plan ahead for those busy times.  Keep in mind that once the juice is made, it starts oxidizing immediately.  Just like an apple turns brown pretty quickly after cutting into it, you’ll see the same thing happening to your fresh juice.  Drinking it fresh from the juicer gives you the most nutritional benefit. If you are using a masticating juicer like the Omega, then you can store it in an airtight container for up to 36 hours and still maintain most of the enzymes.  If you know you will be on the go,  plan your day to include raw juice bars or juice for your day in the morning and store in an airtight container in a cooler and take them with you.
  • On that note, you should know that not all juices are made alike.  If you must stop for a store-bought juice, look for ones that are raw and preferably unpasteurized.  Pasteurization, by definition, is a heating process that destroys bacteria.  Even the flash pasteurization done by some of the commercial juicers like Naked and Bolthouse still means the juice was heated.  In the process of killing the bad bacterias that cause spoiling, the heating also kills the good bacterias and seriously compromises the nutrients and enzymes in the drink.  In a nutshell, you’re spending a small fortune on juices that aren’t packing enough nutritional punch to be used in a fast or really have any benefit. Opt for raw juices instead.
    • Here are some of the options you have for raw juices around DFW:
      • Central Market
      • Jamba Juice (only select juices like their OJ or wheatgrass shots)
      • Sprouts (select stores only.  I know Murphy just added this feature)
      • The Gem – Park Cities and Preston/Forest
      • The Juice Bar – 3 locations in Dallas
      • Juice it Up – New addition to Rockwall!! YAY!
      • Boom Juice inside BodyBar Studios in Plano and Dallas
      • Be Raw – Preston Center in Dallas
      • Roots Pressed Juice– Oaklawn in Dallas
      • Buda Juice – 7 locations around DFW
    • A fairly new option to the market is High Pressure Processing (HPP) juices.  This is better than pasteurization when it comes to nutrients, but still not as optimal as raw juices.  If you’re in a pinch, I’d recommend these brands over those that have been flash pasteurized.
      •  Vim & Vigor juices found in Whole Foods & Central Market.
      • For Yoganics fans in Wylie, you’ll be happy to hear you can still get their yummy juices as Planted Juices in several locations around North Dallas.
      • Evolution as found in any Starbucks.
      • Blue Print found in Whole Foods
      • Suja Juices found in Target, Kroger, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, and Whole Foods
  • A sweet fruit or two can definitely make your juices more palpable, but they shouldn’t be the main ingredient.  I use the 80/20 Golden Rule as recommended by Reboot with Joe.  That means using about 1 fruit/sweet vegetable for every 5 ingredients.  Lemons and limes do not count against your 20% ratio.
  • Vary your juices.  I would never eat the same food for every single meal, so of course, I wouldn’t drink the same juice at all of them either.  Variety will not only keep you more interested in your juicing; it also provides much more of a nutritional punch.  Each vegetable and fruit has different nutritional values so taste the rainbow!

  • Chew your juice.  Or at least swish it around for a minute.  Sucking your juice up through a straw without taking time to savor it doesn’t give your body time to create saliva.  Your saliva contains the digestive enzymes which help get those nutrients you worked so hard to compile into a great juice delivered straight to your cells.
  • Avoid triggers and temptations.  Life still goes on.  Friends will invite you to dinner.  Birthday parties and celebrations will happen. You can plan to do your juice fast to avoid a lot of these situations, but you’ll probably still have a time where you get invited somewhere that has some yummy food tantalizing you.  If you can’t handle that temptation, just say no.  If you can overcome the sights and smells, pack a juice and go enjoy time with family and friends.  Remember this is a very short-term sacrifice that your body will be so thankful for!
  • Get help and encouragement from your support system.  So much of eating is emotional.  I know I turn to food when I am stressed or sad.. or bored.. or happy.   Just the thought of King Hawaiian’s Round bread with some dip transports me back to family game nights full of laughter.  I need those same emotional links when I am juicing, and I know I will get that strength from my support system.  Beyond the morale boosts and support your friends and family can provide, they might also help you with shopping or juicing.  My hardest times are in the morning.  Even though I work from home, I have a hard time making my juice in the morning.  Whether my schedule is blogging in the AM or working with the kids on their homeschooling, it’s so much easier to grab a granola bar or pop-tarts instead of doing all the prep work and juicing needed for my first juice of the day.  To help solve that problem, Kevin has promised to juice a drink for me before he leaves for work.  Since he leaves much earlier than I wake up, I’ll have a fresh juice waiting on me every morning.   Build up that support system so they can help you through this!
  • Cheer yourself on for any achievement.  I know my goal is 40 days, but you can do so much benefit to your body with a much smaller fast.  Try a 3-day, 7-day, 10-day or go for the gusto and do 40 days.  While I want to encourage you to reach the goal you set for yourself, if you set out for 10 days and can only do three, you should totally recognize that accomplishment!  Your body will love you for any effort you put in.

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