20 Things I’m loving about iOS 9

We live in the middle of nowhere.  It takes pretty much 30 minutes to get anywhere, an hour to get somewhere.  So when my newly updated phone dinged me with my calendar appointment and told me that I could leave in ten minutes because traffic was light, I was mesmerized.  That is a flipping cool feature! What other snazzy new things did they include with this new iOS 9?


  • Ask Siri to show you pictures from your trip last August, and it pulls them up. You can also search by location or album titles.
  • Draw right on your photos! Do the same steps as above but click mark-up this time, and you can write, circle, draw, whatever right on your photo.


  • Hide photos.  It’ll keep the photo in your albums, but delete it from all collections or moments.  Great when you have pics you don’t want the kids to see.


  • While we’re talking about photos… I never can remember all the names of my photo apps.  When editing, click on the dots in the upper left corner of your photo.  Click more and it’ll show you your third party apps.


  • Another favorite thing of mine in the photos is the new carousel at the bottom.


  • Zoom in on videos!
  • Swipe to select photos.  When you click the edit in the top corner, you no longer have to click on each picture to select them.  Just swipe across all the ones you want.
  • Screenshots and selfies get their own albums.  I’m not too big on the selfies, but the screenshots folder is awesome!


  • Siri is not just male or female. You can give it an accent too!  I like the Australian.
  • Caller ID makes suggestions on who it might be based on email information, even if not in your contacts.  I can now screen calls with more efficiency. 😉


  • The spotlight search- you know the one you swipe right to get to- is beefed up.  It can now search beyond just your own apps.  You can search the web, third party apps, mail, and more just in that screen.  Awesome!
  • Sweep to the search screen and you’ll likely already see what you’re looking for based on your past usage and habits.  If you always check the weather in the morning, you’ll start to see that the weather app is in your list of suggestions on the spotlight screen. Very intuitive.


  • WIFI Assist – This one is big for me because we have sluggish WIFI at home.  Instead of forever waiting on things to load while it attempts to connect to the local WIFI, it switches automatically back to AT&T if the service is too slow.  It’s a huge plus if you have unlimited data. If you have a data plan, you might want to disable that.  It might switch over mid-Netflix binge with you not even realizing it.
  • Switch your notifications to be organized by the most recent, instead of by app.


  • You can edit your mailboxes to show a new box called attachments.  This might be just new to me, but I haven’t seen it before.  It makes it so much easier to find that recipe or photo.
  • Add attachments in the email app.  You could always send photos or other files from within their respective app, but now you can do it straight from the mail app.  Yay!  Just click and hold like you would for select, copy, paste.  Hit that arrow on the right and you can add photos or any other attachment.


  • I love the “Back to” button! If you progress in an app like Facebook, etc., you’ll see “Back to …” in your top left corner.  It’s like hitting the back button on your browser.
  • Nearby suggestions in maps.  Need to find a restaurant nearby?  Check the map.
  • The changes in Notes are fantastic.  You can draw right in notes.  Create a checklist.  Embed a map.  Add a picture or website.


  • Settings are decluttered.  Remember when you had to go through like five different steps just to see where your battery life was draining.  Yeah, they fixed that.  It’s much easier to get to, with most setting on the front screen.  Plus, they added a search to the top of the screen so you don’t have to look up that Youtube video telling you how to find it. Yay!



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