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Hi everyone!  I’m Stacy, a Jesus-loving Texas Momma of 3 with a heart for helping moms handle everything we’re given.  From saving money to teaching our kids, I want to give encouragement to readers that you can do this!

When my husband and I got pregnant with my little girl in ’09, we knew we needed to drastically change our way of living.  Thus started my journey as an extreme couponer.  I mastered the art of finding great deals – to the point where it became a job.  Now, I want to share those tidbits with all of you!

Along with posting hot deals, I’d like to share a bit of my journey as a momma.   Just like most of you, I feel like I have so many things going on that it’s like I am spinning plates.  Just when I get one spinning well, all the others start to wobble.  It’s hard to keep up!  Read on to share my triumphs and failures in all the things we mommas do.

A Little about my Family:

Kevin – My introverted, task-master husband.  It took us ten years and three tries to finally realize we were meant to be together.  We’ve been married now for eight years!  He’s an engineer by profession and by nature.  Beyond that, he’s a wonderful husband and father.

Preston – My dramatic debater.  The kid is too flipping smart.  He can argue his way into or out of anything.  He’s also got a heart of gold.  From the time he was 4-5, he’s been a babe magnet – not girls, babies – lol.  They just naturally gravitate toward him.  All kids seem to just love him, and he’s a fantastic big bro.

Becca- My stubborn, Type A, engineer-in-training.   She’s my big six year old.  Before two, she was coloring in the lines and categorizing her toys.  She’s got a little bit too much of her momma in her: the stubbornness and her OCD tendencies are just the tip of the iceberg.

Caleb – My highly energetic, sensitive 4 year old boy.  This little guy was born 7 weeks premature with his lungs collapsed.  He made a miraculous recovery and is now a big ole boy.  My carebear has three loves: Legos, choo-choo trains, and all things super hero- especially Spiderman.

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