Coupon Abbreviations & Jargon


Ever wonder what those abbreviations mean?  Check here for the breakdown!

Insert Names:

  • SS- Smart Source insert found in your newspaper
  • RP- Red Plum insert found in your newspaper
    • If you see SS2 or RP2, there are multiple SS or RP inserts in the paper.
  • PG- Proctor & Gamble insert found in your newspaper

Coupon Names:

  • Catalina or Cat – these are checkout coupons that come from the machines at checkout.
  • Winetag or hangtag- coupons hung on bottles of wine or any bottle, usually by a rubber band
  • Peelies – coupons stuck to packages
  • Tearpads- Pads of coupons usually located on displays or beverage cooler doors
  • Blinkies- coupon dispensers with the little red, blinking lights found at grocery and drug stores
  • IP – internet printable, coupons you print from home via or other sites
  • MQ- manufacturer coupon
  • IAQ – in-ad coupon like the ones found in the Walgreens ad
  • RR- register reward from Walgreens, prints as a catalina coupon
  • ECB- Extra Care Bucks – rewards at CVS

Coupon terms:

  • OYNO – on your next order.  Usually refers to a catalina that gets dollars off your next purchase.
  • BOGO – Buy one, get one free
  • BOGO 50% – Buy one, get 50% off the second item
  • B2G1 – Buy two items, get one free.
  • AR – after rebate
  • GC  – Gift card, usually used when referring to a gift card deal
  • Stacking – using multiple coupons together for best savings
  • DND – do not double. This terminology is printed on most coupons.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t double at your grocery store.
    • Look for the very first number on the barcode.  If it’s a 5, it will most likely double.  If it’s a 9, it will not.
  • Double or Doubling – Some stores double the value of your coupon.  ie a $.50 coupon would take off $1.
  • Triple or Tripling – Some stores triple the value of your coupon.  ie a $.30 coupon would take off $.90.
  • HBA – Health & Beauty aid, refers to that particular department in the store
  • MIR- mail-in rebate
  • MM- Money maker
  • overage – when a coupon exceeds the value of the item and the extra can be applied to other items in your cart.
  • OOP – out of pocket, the actual money spent
  • PSA – prices start at
  • TMF- try me free rebate
  • WYB – when you buy


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