I’m Back!

What a crazy weekend we’ve had!  Sometimes life just takes over, and you have no time for anything else.  That was this weekend for me.  My Beccaboo decided that jumping off her brother’s bunk bed would be a wonderful idea.  Or course, it wasn’t.  Two days, some stitches, a surgery, and a cast later, we have our Beccaboo back.


As trying (and sleepless) as this weekend has been, I feel so wonderfully blessed.  Three weeks ago, Kevin started a new job.  Our insurance at his previous job at a very small company was a whopping $500 a month and came with a hefty $10K deductible.  His new insurance is less than half that and covers 90% so we pay 10% compared to $10,000. How’s that for a blessing?!

We’re back home now and thankful for the wonderful doctors at Children’s who were able to perform the surgery so quickly and skillfully.  I know God had everything under control so I truly believe he is the one that made sure the right doctors would be in place to get the job done, and he guided their hands during the surgery.

Now, back to the deals and fun stuff!


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