It’s Here! 40 Day Challenge Starts Today!

I’ve been psyching myself up for a week.  I am so ready for this challenge, and it’s finally here!  My morning started with a big ole shot of wheatgrass which is said to be equivalent of 2-1/2 pounds of veggies.  Talk about a power punch?!  I chased that down with one of my favorite morning drinks.  Carrot Fennel Orange straight from the Juicing Bible.  I modify it a bit and add more carrots, less oranges.

My recipe is 8 carrots, 4 oranges, 1/4 bulb fennel, and 1 lemon.  It makes enough for a morning juice and a snack-size one for later.


I hope everyone joining me had a wonderful start to their morning.  You can do this!  I’ll have 10 more tips for you guys later today.  Keep up the great work!



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