Kids Costumes Gone Wrong

Oh my goodness,  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve been giggling while compiling this post.  There are some crazy creative costumes that parents have made for their kids. You can tell they spent so much time coming up with them.  Then, there are the other parents that maybe didn’t think at all.

chipotle subway  pepsibottle

Babies – it’s what’s for dinner.


…with some fava beans and a nice chianti.


Make sure to save the leftovers.

 toilet charmin

They go together like peas and carrots…

hershey raisin

..or Hershey’s and Raisins.

223632_523463087681404_2024920940_n jersey-shore-kids-costume-21

It’s important to teach our kids to stay up with current events…

pretty woman 5c5b93b3-01d5-42f9-83f7-7bd363eb4b4d-2060x1236

..and classic movies.

DSC3798-Edit__605 walter white

Remember DARE?  Now, we just dress our kids as Drug Lords instead…. or giant cigarettes.

cigarette2 cigarette

pimptrojan hootersbabe

So many levels of wrong…


Wait… this one just went a few levels higher.

chucky doll chicken

Of course you could dress up as the source of your own nightmares…


…but a historical figure might be better.  What about Hitler?


Or we could go back to pop culture. Let’s dress the baby as Wilson, complete with bloody handprint.


They do Crossfit together.

homeless 27292271a6ed7e5a6b829225862ef404

I guess it’s no worse than us dressing as hobos when we were kids. You know that second one made you smile.

And then there are those parents who went for the Halloween win.

et robotbaby Reachforthesky frodo iphone5  carlfromup backtofuture baby ewok atrueprincess army-kid angelwho

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