My Favorite Juicer!

So… I am a bit of a plate spinner.  I get one area of my life spinning really well while the rest start wobbling.  It’s nearly impossible for me to have a perfect balance.  Is anybody else like that?


Well, one of my “plates” is my health and nutrition.  I’ll be honest with you – it falls way low on my priorities.  But, one way I love to give myself a nutritional boost is juicing.  I love juicing!  My amazing friend, Kim, introduced me to the world of juicing and suggested the Omega J8005 juicer.  Her family had already done all the comparisons with different juicers, and I trust her, so I went for it… and I am so glad I did.

The Omega J8005 is a masticating juicer which in basic terms means it “chews” the juice out, which is different from some of the popular juicers like the Breville brands which spin out the juice.


The masticating method has huge pros:

  • More juice which means less money on produce
  • Very easy to clean and reassemble
  • No blades
  • Juices greens really well, especially wheatgrass!
  • Less heat which means more nutrients and enzymes are in your cup!

It does have a few cons:

  • The tube is about 2″ which means more prepwork and cutting.
  • It’s slower.  Yes, a centrifugal (spinning) juicer is a bit faster, but it yields less juice.
  • Costly- but read on because I have tips!

Here is how to get the newest model, the Omega J8006, for less:

  • First, I recommend buying it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for one reason – their return policy is phenomenal.  So, if you’re like my friend’s hub and you accidentally try to juice a peach pit, they’ll let you get a new one- no questions.
  • Sign up for their emails!  They’ll send you a 20% off any item coupon within an hour.
  • Pay with gift cards!
    • You have two options here.  Either find a gift card reseller like Raise (my personal fave) and buy the gift cards at a discount, or head to your grocery store and get them there.  Most offer awesome gas rewards with gift card purchases, and if you get it near a holiday, you might actually save some money too.  Tom Thumb is great about offering $10 off $50 in select gift cards around Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc. Kroger frequently offers 4 times the gas rewards.

So the price at the time of this post is $299.99.  Use the 20% coupon and you’ll pay $239.99.  I’d suggest getting $250 in gift cards to cover some of the taxes. Those gift cards will get you up to $1 off per gallon in gas!

Make sure and check out my Pinterest page for my favorite juicing recipes!

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