Summer Bingo!

Our summer bucket list of ideas talked about all the fun things we could do before summer kicked the bucket, but what about the times when we just need to get stuff done?  There is a way to make that fun too.  Summer Bingo!  Have your kids fill in each space of our fun Bingo printable with goals they want to accomplish over the summer.  Once they get five in a row, they get a prize. Completing their entire bingo card gets an even bigger prize.  The prizes could even be some of the fun activities on your summer bucket list.

This is the one we made for Becca last year:


Need some ideas for your own Bingo Card?

  • Summer Reading Club
  • A book you’ve been meaning to read
  • Something that improves your feeling of self-esteem or self-worth
  • A book series you’ve put off finishing
  • A project you’ve been meaning to start/finish
  • An outdoor activity (swimming, biking, flying a kite)
  • Something with friends
  • Something productive in your room or an area you spend a lot of time in
  • A movie you’ve wanted to see
  • Spending time with someone specific
  • Something that will help you be better prepared for the upcoming school year
  • Playing a game that has to be set up for a long time to finish
  • Fixing something that is broken