Summer Reading Programs

The lazy days of summer are still upon us.  Have you started your kids on a summer reading program? There are lots out there to choose from!

  • Allen Summer Reading Program
    • Read 25 days, 25 books, or 25 hours and get a free book, coupons, and an entry for prizes.
  • Plano Summer Reading Program
    • Set your own goal.  When you reach it, get a free book and an entry for a Kindle.
  • McKinney Library Summer Reading Program
    • Read 600 minutes and earn entries for prizes.
  • Frisco Summer Reading Challenge
    • Kids AND adults read 600 minutes. Kids get a free prize pack when they get to 200, 400, and 600. Adults get a free 3D print voucher at 600. Those reaching 600 get a chance at the grand prize.
  • Barnes & Noble
    • Complete the Summer Triathlon and get a free book.
  • Half Price Books
    • Read 300 minutes, get a $5 gift card to purchase the book of your choice.
  • Family Christian Stores
    • Read six Christian books and complete a diary to earn a free book.
  • Scholastic
    • Read and log minutes to unlock new stories and earn chances for prizes.
  • Book Adventure by Sylvan (Year Round)
    • Kids K-8 take quizzes on books (you’ll need the ISBN on the book) after they’ve read them. They can then exchange their quiz points for prize points. Spend your points on magazine subscriptions, books, cds, candy, and temporary tattoos. Parents get an email when kids pick a prize so you can confirm/deny the request.

**Bonus, ask me how your kids can earn free books through my Usborne Summer Reading program!

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