Top 10 Places to get Kid’s Clothes for Less!

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My oldest was our only child for eleven years.  When he needed new clothes, it was no big deal to go pick some up without any thought to the cost.  Then we practically started over with the next two, and things had to change.  I had to figure out a way we could whittle our two incomes down to one.  I started by doing some extreme coupon shopping at the grocery store which saved our family hundreds a month.  When I realized how easy it was to save money, it became almost a game.  What else could I save on?  With two kids quickly growing out of their clothes, I knew I needed to find the best places to score great deals on kid’s clothes.  And, if you know me by now, you know that none of them involved a big blue store.

So, in no particular order, I give you my favorite places to find kid’s clothes for less.


  • Ross – Saving at Ross is super-easy.  You don’t need coupons or to wait for sales; you just go.  I can’t say that everything I have seen there has been phenomenally priced, but I have gotten some great deals.  I’ve gotten Youngland dresses there for Becca for just $8!  I swear I saw the same dress in Kohl’s for $24.


  • Old Navy – You all knew this would have to make the list! I would suggest subscribing to their email list.  I have a whole other email where I get on mailing lists so it won’t clog my own email box.  They have tons of one-day only sales, both online and in-store, with unbeatable prices.  Your best deals will come from the clearance section, or waiting until they have some of their best sales which include 50% off the entire store and their SuperCash sales where you get $10 back for every $25 you spend (which later are spent on $25+purchases).  Watch their weekly ads for $10 off $50 or $5 off $35 coupons, and keep an eye on their Facebook page for offers as well.


  • Target Honestly, their everyday prices on play clothes aren’t bad, but when it comes to their other stuff, it’s just too much for me.  I selectively shop their clearance where you can find up to 70% off.  It’s easy to spot their clearance racks at the back of each section with the big 30%, 50%, 70% off signs, but don’t stop there.  I have found some of the best clearance deals on the regular shelves and racks.  They have great stock-up prices during August with back to school deals and their Black Friday events often have really great deals on clothes and PJs.  Make sure and check Cartwheel and Target coupons for even more savings.  Paying with a Redcard also saves an extra 5%.  And, don’t forget to look online.  They often have sales and coupon codes you won’t find in-store.


  • Macy’s This is another one that I am selective with.  I can’t just tell you to go in the store and you’ll get a great deal no matter what you pick, but I can tell you they have amazing sales.  They have the best offers on the weekends, starting as early as Wednesday.  When they offer up their $10 off $25 codes and coupons, you can get great deals.  I have also found Macy’s has the best sale prices on kid’s track suits and kid’s coats.  I’ve seen 3-pc Adidas track sets for as low as $9.99 and heavy-duty kid’s coats under $20.  Shopping online can be tricky with them because they charge $9.95, but a lot of items are available as free ship to store now.


  • GymboreeWait for their storewide $12.99 and under sales and you’ll find fantastic deals on outerwear, adorable shoes, dresses, and more.  I picked up a gorgeous peacoat for Beccaboo for $12.99 (Reg $44.99) last year and it is great quality stuff!


  • Crazy 8 – They have several sales that have can’t miss deals.  Wait for sitewide sales of $10.99 or $8.88 and under, or watch for their BOGO $0.88 sales.  During those sales, I’ve seen shirts for $2.88.  Sign up for their emails during one of these sales and they’ll send you an 18% off code you can use with it! Here’s a bonus tip– Crazy 8 and Gymboree are affiliated with each other, so when you see a sale going on at one, chances are you’ll see it at the other one too.


  • Children’s Place – From $1 flip-flops to 50% off the entire store, Children’s Place has some fantastic sales.  Even better, they seem to always have a coupon out that’ll stack with the sale.  They accept mobile coupons too, so just pull one up on your phone.  Just google Children’s Place code and you’re sure to find one.  This is another store with great clearance deals online and in-store, and a great one to buy off-season clothes.  When we needed uniform bottoms for my niece, I found a ton at Children’s Place in the clearance for $8 (size 10) plus I used my 20% off code to get them for $6.40!  We’ve gotten tons of shirts from them for $2.49 with the 20% code, and they have held up really well.  Make sure and sign up for their Rewards program for $5 rewards when you get 1,000 points (roughly $200).


  • Kohl’s Easily one of my favorite stores.  They are by far one of the best ones to shop for off-season clothes.  I stocked up on size 4T shorts and short-sleeve shirts for Carebear when they were just $2.88 clearance last September.  To top that off, they had a back-to-school $10 off $30 coupon so I was able to buy 11 pieces for $1.97 each!  Clearance goes up to 80% off so definitely pour through those racks and online.  Kohl’s is actually one of the stores that I think has the best credit card rewards, so I opted to get one of their cards.  Through the year, they have lots of times where I can save 30% plus get free shipping.  You can also sign up for their rewards program which gives you $5 for every $100 spent.  That means if you shop during a Kohl’s cash event, you can spend $100 and plan to get back $25 between Kohl’s cash and rewards, and you can use coupons along with it! Their Kohl’s cash and rewards spend like money too so you can walk in and buy a $10 item and pay $0, unlike other stores which require a minimum purchase.


  • JCPenney – Penney’s has reasonable everyday deals on lots of their clothes, plus they have great clearance selections.  They have a lot more restrictions on their coupons so it is much harder to pair a great sale with a coupon, but you can use their coupon with clearance finds.  This is one of my go-to shops for the teen.  I do find nice deals for the kids, but I have found so many great deals for Preston.  We’ve found really stylish vests for him there for around $10 (Reg $50+)!  If you’re shopping clearance and using coupons, my advice is to scan your items.  We’ve often had surprises when we get to the register where an item we thought was $10 has now been marked down to $5.  While I love those kinds of surprises, we were looking to spend $25 to use the $10/$25 coupon so we had to go back and shop some for another item to get back up to $25.  If you’re shopping online, shipping to store is free on orders over $25.


  • Carson’s/BonTonThis is a store that isn’t even local to me, but with my years of shopping for deals I have come to love them.  Shop their Bonus Buy sales for great deals on name brand clothes.  They often have offers for free shipping or free shipping on orders over $25.  Plus, you can wait for their $50 off $100 coupons and stack that on top of discounts up to 60% off brands like Carter’s, Osh Kosh, and more.

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