Top 10 Travel-Friendly Activities for Kids

I remember thinking when I was younger that I would love to see a billboard that listed the entire alphabet, so that when we went on road trips I could always win.  It’d be even better if the billboard was somehow only obviously visible to kids.  The littles need a competitive edge.


Our kids are still too small to really play the ABC game, so we went in search of other fun ideas to keep them busy on road trips, or when we’re stuck somewhere for a while.   We came up with a few favorite games, and we’d love to hear more! Share your favorite travel game ideas in the comments.

  • Crayola Color Wonder Travel Tote – Mess free – check.  Portable and can be all stuffed into one case- check.  Yup, it meets all the needs of a travel toy.  Even better, it’s less than $10 on Amazon.
  • Guess Who Game – Fun for smaller kids, but they might need a bit of assistance with the elimination.  I love that it’s basically all contained so it’s easy to pick up and take on the road.  Grab it for $10.21 on Amazon.
  • Imagination Patterns – This game is all kinds of sneaky in that it is great education, but it’s also fun.  In a nutshell, it’s magnetic tangrams, but it comes with cute, kid-friendly designs the kids get to mirror.  This one is on our shelf at home, and it gets a lot of wear and tear.
  • ThinkFun Amaze – Magnetic mazes.  Entertaining and easy. Again, less than $10 on Amazon.
  • Melissa & Doug License Plate Game – The kids LOVE this one! Keeps track of the license plates more easily than other games, plus you get the added benefit of the kids learning US geography.   *Bonus on this one, all Melissa & Doug items are buy 2, get 1 free! Score!
  • Neat-Oh! ZipBin Doll House Bring-Along Backpack or Neat-Oh! Hot Wheels ZipBin Wheelie 100 Car Case – I am a huge fan of Neat-Oh! products.  I mean they serve as storage, a carrying case, and become part of the play.  We have two different car carrying cases and love them both.
  • Simon Micro Series Game– Do you remember this game?  Let your kids have the same fun!
  • Fisher-Price Thomas the Train: Take-n-Play – this is another one of those toys that you just know a parent designed.  It’s a carrying case and opens to be a fun train track with all pieces contained right there in the case.  Love it! So does Carebear.
  • Kid O Free Play Magnatab – drawing with magnets.  How fun is that?   If you have an artist in the family like Becca, they’ll enjoy this one. 
  • Spot it! On the Road Edition – Quick games make it stay fun, plus the cards allow for a number of games including travel bingo since all the pictures in this edition relate to being on the road.

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