Tuesday Review: Crock-Pot Hook-Ups

As promised, I am continuing my reviews this week on my favorite party serveware.  Have you all seen the Crockpot Hook-ups yet?

I’m sure you’ve seen something like them, if not.  Similar styles have been coming out of the woodworks, but most have all the base units together permanently like these from Bella.


You can get the Crock-pot Hook-Ups in a variety of sizes, with the most options being available on the Crockpot website.  I have the exact set up as pictured above: two 1-qt crocks, one 2-qt crock, and one 3.5 qt crock.  Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small size.  I fit a whole rack of pork ribs in that 2 quart cooker!

Here is what I love about these Crock Hook-ups:

  • They stack, which makes them great for storage! I’m able to fit two on top of each other in my standard cabinets.

Image result for crockpot hook-ups

  • They’re mix & match! You can build a custom set-up each time you cook.
    • Current sizes include: 1 quart, 2 quart, 3.5 quart, 5 quart, and a warming tray.
  • Connect them and they all use one outlet.  You can still control each one individually. See the little dohicky thing on the side?  Those push right together to make one unit.  You can still use each individually or build a set of up to six.

  • Easy to clean.  Each crock is removable.
  • The warm setting does a nice job of keeping food warm without continuing to cook it.
  • Unlike traditional crocks that are narrow and deep, these are built wide and shallow.  I like that feature.  It’s great for meats and baked potatoes.
  • They look great at parties.  It’s such an easy way to organize all the food and keep it warm until serving time.

Here is what I think can be improved:

  • These units get really hot, way more than my traditional Crockpot.
  • Cook times are off. The cook times seem to be longer than in my traditional Crock.  I usually use mine at parties, so I do have multiples hooked up which might make a difference.  I have never tried to use one as an individual unit.
  • Each unit has a spoon slot, which in concept, seems great but that might be why the cook times are off.
  • The retractable plug is a joke.  There is no retracting; there is me shoving the cord back into the crock and it clicks when I got it in place.  It’s really a pain in the keister if you ask me.  A retractable cord would be nice.
  • Cost is a little high.  If you wait for a sale, you might be able to get each unit in the $30 range, but they typically run $40+.  For a complete set-up, you’re talking about $100+.  I got mine last year during a special Kohl’s sale that let me stack codes, get Kohl’s cash, and submit for rebate.

Overall, if you do a lot of entertaining, these Crock-Pot Hook-Ups are awesome.  If you plan to pull them out just once or twice a year, then you might opt for one of the less-expensive triple cookers.  I will say that I really like mine, and plan on adding more units as my budget allows.



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