Tuesday Review – Discovery Kids Coin-Counting Money Jar

I have decided to start a new feature and because it’s kitschy, I hereby dub Tuesdays as Reviews Day.  Get it? The idea is that every Tuesday I’ll give completely unsolicited advice on a product we have at my house…  or had (if it stunk and we got rid of it).  What do y’all think?

So, anyway, for the first Tuesday Reviews Day, I am reviewing the Discovery Kids Coin-Counting Money Jar.


Let’s start by saying that if you pay anything more than $10 for this jar, don’t buy it.  I got the blue one at Walmart on clearance for $7, but I have seen it at Kohl’s, Carson’s, and other department stores for $9.99.   I think it’s worth maybe $5.

  • Should you buy it?  – Eh.  If you just need a bank, and want one that is not going to break- ok.  If you want one that actually counts money, no.  If you want one that is difficult to get into to help teach the kids about saving, no.
  • What do I not like about it? – Well, the first coin I put in was a dime, and it showed I put in a penny so accuracy is off.  It has a slot with a push-back gauge (I don’t know the technical term), so it calculates the amount you put in by it’s size.  It is NOT calibrated well at all and will confuse coins often, especially if you are putting them in quickly.  You can correct the amount, though.  If you hold the buttons down for three seconds, you can change the amount up or down by one penny increments.  You can use that feature when the kids take all the money out as well.  It’s also nice to have if you want to add bills.
  • For some reason, I thought it was going to be a thick glass Ball-like jar.  It’s not.  It’s plastic, which is probably better but not what I expected.  Carebear has already broken two piggy banks so the plastic is a plus.  It kind of feels like a thick mayo jar.
  • The battery life is good.  I put a battery in about 3 months ago when we bought it, and it’s still going strong.  It switches itself off so you have to tap a button to get the total to reappear, but if you’re keeping track of the total it’ll stay on there for a while with the battery life.  However, being battery-operated, there will be some point in time where you will lose that data.

My overall opinion- skip it, and get a bank at Dollar Tree, or the like.  I got Carebear the Spiderman bank at Dollar Tree, and now this fancy-Schmancy counting bank has been relegated to me.  Yippee!


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