Tuesday Review: Dixit Board Game

Um… it’s not Tuesday.  I know, I know.  We spent the entire day at Amazing Jakes celebrating our Not-Back-to-School party with other homeschool friends, so this week’s Tuesday review is coming on a Thursday.  You’ve seen me do it before.  Don’t act so surprised. 🙂

As promised, I’m continuing the reviews this week with some of those board games we got during that hot 50% off strategy games sale on Amazon.  This week: Dixit.

I wanted to love this game.  I really did, but it kind of fell flat for our family.  I have friends who tell me it’s their family’s go-to game for game night – full of laughs and great times.  For our family, it was so slow.  I think we’re all just a little too Type-A.  If your family loves Apples to Apples, chances are they’ll really like this game.

  • What is it?  In a nutshell, it’s Apples to Apples meets surrealist cards.
  • How do you play?  Each player gets six cards.  The active player gets to pick one of his cards to play and announces what that card makes him think of.  For example, the card shown below might make you think of slow travels, Heaven, fables, Jack & the Beanstalk, goals, etc.

Everyone else has to find a card that matches that topic/thought, or one they want to discard.  After all cards are submitted to the player, they are all laid out and voted on.  The votes go to which card you think the player had originally.  The player gets no points if all players or no players guess his card, so you have to be really creative in your topic – just vague enough so other cards will match, and not obvious enough so everyone will vote on yours.  Saying something like stairway or snail for the card above would be a sure way to make sure you get no points that round.

  • How do you win?  When someone reaches 30 points or the one with the highest points when all of the deck is used.
  • How long does it take?  Around 30 minutes.
  • Would I buy it again? Yes, even if only for the beautiful cards.  I can totally use those cards as writing prompts for the kids in a few years.  Plus, it really encourages you to think out of the box, and that is definitely a trait I want my kids to have.


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