Tuesday Review: Labyrinth

Hey look!  I am doing a Tuesday review ON A Tuesday!  Wonders never cease.  I bet you knew I was going to review another game, and you’re right.  To continue the series this week, we’re talking about Labyrinth.

  • What is it?  You chase after your treasures in a maze that is always moving.
  • Who can play it?  Those of you who are sick of CandyLand or Chutes and Ladders will love this no-reading game.  My youngest (4) likes it, but Beccaboo, my 6 year old, really loves it.  We’ve played it with the whole family, grandmas included.  You can make it easier for littles by letting them look at all of their cards.  Normal game play only lets you chase one treasure at a time.
  • How much is it? $19.23 on Amazon at this moment; Target has it for $20.
  • How do you win?  Collect all your treasures and get back to your starting spot first.
  • What I don’t like –   Okay, the board folds in half which means during game play, it has that stupid hump in the middle which makes it difficult to push the maze pieces through at times.  It’s definitely not a deal breaker.
  • What I love about it -It’s a quick game to play, and the ever-moving board provides enough challenge for any age.  Figuring out the most advantageous place to add the maze piece gives your brain a workout.  Plus, it’s fun to use a bit of strategy to block the other players.

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