Tuesday Review: My Not-so-Favorites from Pampered Chef

We all love our Pampered Chef products and the parties that go along with buying them, but let’s be honest- there are a few items you’ve picked up through the years that got little to no use once they inhabited your cabinets.  As promised last week, I’m completing my Pampered Chef review by sharing the tools that never get use in my kitchen.

I know some folks love the handy scraper, but with the flexible cutting mats I just never pull it out.

The idea for the Hold n’ Slice is awesome, but the only item I use it on is onions and I chop those on most occasions so this just sits in the back of my drawer.

This is another one that I grabbed because so many raved about it.  The Measure-All Cup is designed to be a “liquid” or dry measuring cup.  I must be special because I can never figure out which side is supposed to go in which end.  I have used this on mayonnaise and the like and it works great, but it’s not so easy to disassemble and reassemble which makes clean-up not so fun.

scrapeThis Scoop & Spread is a big miss in my opinion.  As was demonstrated to me, it’s great for making PB&J because you can use the serrated side to smear the PB and the scoop side for the jelly.  Well, which side are you supposed to use first.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  Which do I want smeared on my arm – the peanut butter or the jelly?  Unless you’re stopping for mid-sandwich clean-up (and who does that?), one end will get dirty first which means it inevitably will make a mess on my arm as I’m getting the other condiment.  On top of that, who holds a tool by the middle? This item is just weird to me.

This cool Baker’s Roller just doesn’t make the cut for me.  I really like my old school rolling pin.  I do like the little detachable pastry tool that you can use on pie crusts, though.

I had wonderful visions of whipping up my own sauces and dressings with this Measure, Mix & Pour.  I used it once to make a dressing and had issues with leaking and it was such a pain to clean.  I refuse to give up on this one, but alas it has migrated to the back of my cabinet and gets very little use.

This is another one I had really high hopes for.  The Cut n Seal is touted to deliver sandwiches similar to the Uncrustables that my kids adore.  It just did not work that well for me, and I find myself resorting to buying the name brand. 🙁

The Simple Slicer is my nemesis.  There is nothing simple about it.  We just don’t get along.

His big brother, the Ultimate Mandolin, is twice the torture.  These two tools have a learning curve that I just can’t master.  It would be so stinking cool to control the size of my slices, but it’s just not to be.

This Ice Bucket & Scoop set was used at a Pampered Chef party I went to once upon a time.  The set is $42 which is ridiculous to me, especially since you can make your very own similar set-up using items from the dollar store.

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