Tuesday Review: Pampered Chef Favorites

I thought I would do something different this week and not just review one product, but give you a complete list of my favorite Pampered Chef products including why I love them.  Nope, I don’t sell Pampered Chef, but if you’re looking for a great rep, I can give you two who I think are amazing: Shari and Melody.


Adjustable Measuring Spoons – I love having all my spoons in one easy gadget instead of stacking spoons or trying to keep them on a ring.

Can Strainer – No explanation necessary, right?

Apple Wedger- This think is sharp and really good quality.

Their scrapers are awesome, unless you’re a kid waiting to lick the bowl.

Mini-Serving Spatula – I love this little spatula.  It’s perfect for brownies and cornbread.

Mini Whipper – I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else.  I use this little whipper all the time to mix drinks and sauces.  It is perfect!

If there was just one item from Pampered Chef I would tell everyone to get, this is it.  The little whipper thing above would be a close second. This Mix ‘n Chop is perfect for taco Tuesdays.

Way cheap and you’ll use these pan scrapers on everything.

I don’t know how I made cookies before I got the Pampered Chef Scoops.  They make these perfect little cute balls.

Micro-Cookers – such an easy way to steam veggies and more, right in the microwave.

Spoon Rest- I fell in love with this product at a Pampered Chef Freezer Meal workshop.  I love having it right there on my stovetop.

Twixit Combo Pack – These take up a lot less room in my junk drawer than those huge clips and they do a great job of sealing bags of chips, etc.  Each twixit can hold more than one bag too which works well when you’re out and about.

Manual Food Processor – I LOVE this thing. I mean LOVE it.  It makes chopping so super-easy and you don’t have the over-chopped mushy mess that you sometimes get with a food processor.  It also comes apart for easy cleaning.  Bonus- the kids love doing it.

If you’ve ever seen anything about Pampered Chef, then I know you have heard how great their stoneware is.

Nylon Spiral Whisk- Just like the Mini Whipper above, this is perfect to mix sauces and drinks.  The handle is long enough to fit in big gallon pitchers.

I’ve made lots of pastas for fundraisers and parties where I cook the pasta a day ahead, then flash-boil it just before the event.  This tool lets me pull the pasta out of the boiling water without dumping the whole pan out and starting fresh so I can reheat 2-3 batches before switching the water.  I’ve also used it for boiled eggs.

Veggie Wedger – This is a great companion for the manual food processor.  Tear-free onion wedging and chopping. 🙂


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