Tuesday Review: Target’s Over-the-Door 18-Pair Shoe Rack

I missed last week– sorry guys! I got so caught up in prepping for Becca’s party, I let a lot of things slip through my radar.  It’s just a part of my ADD being a mom and having too many things on my plate.  🙂

I’m back this week with a review on Target’s Over-the-Door 18-Pair Shoe Rack.  

Over-the-Door 18-Pair Shoe Rack White

I know you’ve seen these before.  They’re great space-savers and you can use them for virtually anything – not just shoes.  This one, though, is not ideal for it’s designated purpose as a shoe rack.  

  • Problem #1 – Brackets at top are thicker than other models so it makes it harder to open and close doors. 
  • Problem #2- Each rack slips into two silicone-lined holes on each side.  From day one, they did not stay put.  As soon as I put shoes on the rack, I started having issues with them popping out of the holes and my shoes falling off.  Very annoying.  We solved the issue by zip-tying each side in place.  
  • Problem #3 – The depth is a little ridiculous.  I think it would be awesome for kid’s shoes, but I am trying to put my sneakers on there and it really is too shallow a depth to fit in the space left between the rack and the door and ends up causing the bottom of the rack to levitate off the door a bit, which leads me to…
  • Problem #4- The bottom of the rack is not attached in any way.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to adjust it in order to close the door.  
  • Problem #5 – I own about six pairs of shoes, so not enough to fill this thing which is good because I don’t see how you could.  The shoe horns on each rack are spaced so closely together that it is really difficult to fit multiple pairs on each row.  I ended up staggering mine and have a pair on the outside of each rack with two empty spaces in the middle.  I couldn’t fit anything in those middle spaces, except possibly flip-flops which I won’t buy because I can’t stand shoes that go between my toes.  

If you’re looking for a clever way to organize your scarves, then this is a great choice! If you’re actually looking for a functional shoe rack, this one is a joke.

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  1. I personally find the best use for this type shoe rack at the metal recycle-rs 🙂 Just saying,,,

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