Expired: Walgreens $10 Challenge

Here’s the challenge: take $10 and buy as much as you can at Walgreens while taking advantage of Register Reward deals (RR) and Balance Reward Points (BRP).  These deals end 8/01.


  • Do multiple transactions!
  • Don’t spend BRP on items that give you back BRP.  You won’t get any more BRP in that transaction.
  • Don’t spend RR on the same item.  You won’t get another RR.
  • Don’t spend RRs earned from P&G items on other P&G items.  It’s excluded on the RR coupon.
  • Flip flop back and forth between BRP deals and RR deals to stretch your $10 as far as you can!
  • The number of coupons you use must be less or equal to the number of items.  (Including your RRs)
  • Split them up through the week, or do them all in one trip – whatever is easiest for you!

Here’s the scenario I came up with this week:

Transaction #1:

  • Buy (1) Got 2B Hair Stylers at $3.99
    • Use $2/1 Got2B Styling Item, exp. 8/29/15 (RP 08/02/15 #2)
    • Pay $1.99, get back $1 RR

Transaction #2:

  • Buy (5) Bic Disposables Razors – PSA $3.99 – BOGO 50% off
    • Use (4) $3/1 Bic Disposable Razor, exp. 8/29/15 (SS 08/02/15) [ETS]
    • and $1 RR from previous transaction
    • Pay $2.97, get back 3,000 BRP

Transaction #3:

  • Buy (3) Purex Laundry Detergents for $2 each
    • Use (3) $1/1 Purex Liquid, Ultrapacks or Powershot Detergents, exp. 8/9/15 (RP 08/02/15 #2) [30-oz./18-ct.+]
    • and 3,000 BRP
    • Pay $0

There’s not much to roll this week, but the above scenario will get you 10 items for $4.96 total.  The retail value of all 10 items is $29.94. If you wanted to still spend the other $5 for the challenge, there are a few decent deals in the match-up but none that we can roll.